About Us

The Inspiration of Innovation

  • Rodney Livingston, a US Marine and engineer, embarked on a humanitarian mission in India where he encountered dire sanitation conditions. This experience inspired him to develop a revolutionary portable toilet solution.
  • Upon his return to the USA in 2009, Rodney collaborated with Bob Roczynski, a Vietnam veteran and seasoned entrepreneur, to bring his vision to fruition. Bob, with a background in engineering and business ownership, saw the potential of Rodney's idea and joined forces to establish DryFlush.

Transforming the Market

  • Over the course of three years, Rodney and Bob meticulously developed the DryFlush toilet, testing various concepts, materials, and prototypes in their homes. Their dedication led to the patenting of DryFlush in 2012, marking a significant milestone in portable sanitation technology.
  • The Laveo DryFlush toilet quickly gained traction globally, becoming the preferred choice for various applications including camping, RVs, boating, and off-grid living. With over 15,000 users across 13 countries, DryFlush has transformed bathroom experiences worldwide.

A new Beginning

  • In 2021, Doug Rice acquired DryFlush with a vision to lead the industry in portable sanitation solutions. Under Doug's leadership, DryFlush maintains an "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau of Connecticut and continues to prioritise customer satisfaction and economic growth.
  • Recognising the demand for DryFlush products in Australia and New Zealand, DryFlush Australia Pty Ltd was appointed as the exclusive distributor for the region. Led by entrepreneur Adam, the company is dedicated to expanding the reach of Laveo DryFlush toilets and providing innovative solutions for mobile sanitation needs.

Expanding Throughout Australasia

Adam, a lifelong entrepreneur, became convinced of the superiority of DryFlush toilets after discovering them during his search for improved toilet solutions for his caravan manufacturing business in Australia. This led him to secure exclusive distribution rights for DryFlush products in Australia, aiming to offer unparalleled mobile sanitation solutions to the region.

Meet The Team

Doug Rice

President & Owner. DryFlush USA.

John Rice

Plant Manager. DryFlush USA,


CEO. DryFlush Australia

Our Brand Values

Discover how DryFlush portable toilets deliver a innovative, convenient, and reliable experience.


Leading the market with cutting-edge technology that revolutionises the portable toilet experience, combining functionality with modern design for maximum efficiency and comfort.


Providing hassle-free, user-friendly toilets that require minimal maintenance and offer a clean, odour-free experience, perfect for both everyday use and on-the-go scenarios.


Ensuring consistent performance and durability, backed by exceptional customer service and support, so users can trust their DryFlush toilets in any situation, from camping trips to emergency preparedness.


Prioritising solutions by offering a waterless, chemical-free toilet option that reduces environmental impact and conserves natural resources.