AC Power Adaptor

This is so you can run your Laveo Dryflush Toilet from wall power. You will need a US to AU power adapter but if you bought your toilet from us, we shipped one with the toilet when you first purchased it. It was in the box :-)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Waste is automatically wrapped and sealed in our proprietary bagging material during a “flush” and then hidden in a lined receptacle under the seat. When it’s time, simply lift out the liner bag containing all the wrapped waste, tie it off, and put it in any garbage bin. You will never see or smell the waste at any time. 

Here's a short video showing you.

The price list for bags and other accessories can be found here.

Our patented bagging system works using a cartridge that holds one mylar bag underneath the toilet seat that is more than 5 meters long. When you “flush” the toilet, the vacuum, the fan and the electric motor work together to wrap the waste and pull down a fresh bag from the 5 meter cartridge. There are about 15 “flushes” in each 5 meter long cartridge bag, but using pee-powder (explained below), many users get between 25 and 30 "uses" per 5 meter cartridge bag.

It only takes about 30 seconds to do it and the great news is, you don't SEE or SMELL any waste and any time, and there are no trips to chemical dumping opints ever again.

Here's a short video showing you.

Laveo Pee Powder is a non-toxic, biodegradable powder that turns your urine into a gel while deodorising it at the same time. This means that you don’t have to flush the toilet every time, and you save money because you’re not using as many bags. Instead of getting 15 flushes per bagging cartridge, you can now get up to 30 "uses", potentially cutting your bag costs in half.

Just sprinkle a small amount (no more than a tea-spoon) into the bowl before you urinate, and within two minutes your urine will be an odourless gel that won’t slosh around or create any smell.

Using pee powder, you can easily get three pees in before you need to flush, but we do not recommend going more than three before flushing. Pee powder is not for poos.

Here's a short video showing you.